Who owns link housing?

We work together to provide affordable housing services, property management, regeneration, counseling, financial inclusion and employability. Since Link was established in 1962, we have become leaders in developing and delivering innovative homes and services for those in need. Andrew McAnulty (former CEO of Link Housing) has been appointed CEO of Link Wentworth. Andrew brings extensive experience, including 30 years in the housing industry in Australia and the United Kingdom.

C~urb (pronounced curb) takes advantage of Link's successful development, management and maintenance activities to achieve commercial success and, at the same time, create sustainable communities. LinkLiving provides person-centered care and support services to people who have a wide range of reasons for needing support, including mental health problems, homelessness, learning difficulties, physical disabilities and vulnerabilities associated with old age. Link Wentworth is governed by a board of directors comprised of an independent president, five current Link Housing board members and five current Wentworth board members. Link Wentworth is one of Australia's largest community housing providers, managing approximately 6,400 homes with around 10,000 residents and 200 employees.

LinkLiving's portfolio of services includes award-winning volunteering and employability services in Falkirk, Fife and Edinburgh, which have a proven track record in helping people develop their skills and confidence. Created in 1997, it owns and manages more than 1000 properties, including Link Group leases in Inverclyde. Link Housing also manages Edinburgh City Council's private sector leasing program and offers accredited counseling services that help clients with a range of issues related to benefits, welfare and money. Before moving to the non-profit sector as director of marketing and communications at Link Housing, Brianna worked in consulting and private and corporate client positions.

With a vision to improve lives through community housing, Link Housing is committed to working with partners to provide affordable housing that strengthens lives and communities. Working in partnership with the Argyll and Bute Council, the Scottish Government, Link Group and others to continue to contribute to the broader goals of developing sustainable rural communities. Link Wentworth is committed to providing more housing and offering quality services to enable a better future for people dealing with housing stress and homelessness. Currently, Pacific Link Housing manages social housing leases within the Complex and its wholly-owned social business real estate agency, Key2 Realty, manages the private and affordable market units.

The apartments are part of a security fund owned by Pacific Link Housing that has been leveraged with the National Housing Finance and Investment Corporation (NHFIC), providing low-cost debt financing.

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